Fixing a broken RSS Feed Reader – Failed to start transaction 1546 disk I/O error


Are you getting “Failed to start transaction 1546 disk I/O error”? Here is what you should do:

  1. Go to the URL: chrome://version/
  2. Under the “Profile Path” you will see a path, in your operating system’s file browser, visit that path, and then the directory inside that directory:
  3. <profile path>/databases/chrome-extension_pnjaodmkngahhkoihejjehlcdlnohgmp_0/
  4. That folder will contain two files. One file with only a number as name, and another file with that number and -journal added. (If you only have one file in that directory, go to step 8)
  5. Make a copy of both files and put them on your desktop (just in case!)
  6. Remove the file ending with -journal
  7. Restart Chrome
  8. It should work now. If not, please contact me:
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