Debugging a broken RSS Feed Reader

Uh-oh! You’re RSS Feed Reader is not working. You’re getting an error message when trying to open the popup. Luckily you found this page! A lot of the time this is because of a corrupt Google Chrome installation. What you will do is try to diagnose this problem, and then contact me, so we can […]

As a developer, the Chrome Web Store sucks

I love Google Chrome. It’s the best damned web browser out there. It has everything. It demonstrates that for Google, the web is there home. To enter the browser race this late and still be lightyears ahead of the competition is no easy task. It is the perfect match between simplicity, design and speed. But […]

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RSS Feed Reader and testing

Today I had some time over and decided to work on my RSS Feed Reader extension for Chrome (I do think it needs a new name, don’t you? Or maybe it’s too late for that?). Certain things have been on the drawing board for a long time now: scrollbars, notifications, design issues, etc. I decided […]

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