As a developer, the Chrome Web Store sucks

I love Google Chrome. It’s the best damned web browser out there. It has everything. It demonstrates that for Google, the web is there home. To enter the browser race this late and still be lightyears ahead of the competition is no easy task. It is the perfect match between simplicity, design and speed. But it doesn’t have everything, like a decent RSS feedreader. So I built one using the technologies I already knew and was accustomed to.

Then when I try to update it they require screenshots. Fine. (First problem: Require) It’s not like the previous screenshots aren’t good enough. I totally understand. Oh, right, it’s because they redesigned the webstore and the previous screenshots were the wrong size. I mean, it really is difficult to design for a variety of screenshot sizes this day and age. But sure, I’ll upload some screenshots.


This is the image I’m trying to upload.

Dimensions: 441 × 280

Why is this wrong?

  1. There is enough computing power in Google’s datacenters to resize this image by one pixel.
  2. Image editors take time to start up, and when I have a critical bug fix to get up it’s not the thing I want blocking me.
  3. It’s bad design. If you’re designing a site where thousands of developers will post stuff, you should have already designed for that fact.
  4. They had these kind of restrictions before. We conformed to them. Now they are redesigning the webstore and require new screenshots. Do we really have to upload new screenshots everytime Google decides to redesign a site like that?
  5. It’s just plain dumb.


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