Kick Ass - 99c (iOS)

Don't you sometimes just want to kick some websites ass, asteroids style? Well now you can.

Now the fantastic bookmarklet has gone mobile and you can take your frustration reliever directly into meetings. Annoyed by your boss? Destroy his Facebook-page. Your competitors stealing your customers? Obliterate their webpage.

With plenty of fun achievements you're never bored.

Available on the App Store

Kick Ass (web)

Kick Ass, erkie, bored. It has been referred to by many names. A 24-hour-to-code tiny bookmarklet that took the world by storm. After a month the landing page alone had gotten over 500 000 unique visitors.

Seeing as the code is open source, many people have taken it and added it to there site, ad campaign or software. Prominent users include American Eagle, Diesel, M&M (which won two awards), Paramount and many more. It has also been featured in many publications and touched many people around the globe.

I wrote the grunt of the code on a coding whim at two o-clock in the morning, using HTML5 and JavaScript. The experience has been beyond words.

Cowl is an MVC-inspired PHP framework built from the ground up to be intuitive, fast and fun. It comes featured with fully documented code, great standard plugins and a helpful attitude.

Cowl is my attempt at the Greate Framework Race© and it started out sometime around the summer of 2009. It has gone through many iterations and I have used it in several projects. Be wary though, there are no official releases and the API could change at any time. The development of Cowl happens mostly whilst working on any project using Cowl, so not too often.

It is super fun to use the stable parts.

The RSS Feed Reader is in my opinion the missing feedreader for Google Chrome.

It's sleek, sexy (with help from Johan Rothoff Andersson), simple and awesome. As of writing it has more than 7800 users and 4.5 stars in the Chrome Web Store.

Oh, and sorry for the boring name.

Available on the Chrome Web Store


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