I am now a full time founder!

Feeder.co is now my employer and full time job. I’m really looking forward to the journey!

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Fixing a broken RSS Feed Reader – Failed to start transaction 1546 disk I/O error

Are you getting “Failed to start transaction 1546 disk I/O error”? Here is what you should do: Go to the URL: chrome://version/ Under the “Profile Path” you will see a path, in your operating system’s file browser, visit that path, and then the directory inside that directory: <profile path>/databases/chrome-extension_pnjaodmkngahhkoihejjehlcdlnohgmp_0/ That folder will contain two files. […]

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Fixing a broken RSS Feed Reader

Uh-oh! You’re RSS Feed Reader is still not working! After following the steps in the previous blog post you’ll probably find this page. Until we can figure out what causes this issue, we’ll have to manually fix it. So, the problem: When updating the Feeder extension, not all files are downloaded and installed correctly, so the […]

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RSS Feed Reader update, one year later

I was looking over my old posts and saw the one about RSS Feed Reader reaching 100 reviews. It’s been an eventful year, a lot of things going on, among others, the reader: Just passed 40 000 users, going on 1 000 reviews. And counting.

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Rootof Creations HB

Have I mentioned that I’ve started a little business together with my brother? We’re calling ourselves Rootof Creations. Need anything? Website? Webapp? iOS app? Massage? Then check us out at rootof.com!

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As a developer, the Chrome Web Store sucks

I love Google Chrome. It’s the best damned web browser out there. It has everything. It demonstrates that for Google, the web is there home. To enter the browser race this late and still be lightyears ahead of the competition is no easy task. It is the perfect match between simplicity, design and speed. But […]

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Capturing a photo programmatically with Objective-C using QTKit

I have been quite bored lately. When you are bored you want to make things. One thing I have always wanted to do is programmatically take a photo (that means to have my code use the built-in camera to take photos and use in my application) using my Mac’s built in iSight-camera for some fun manipulation. A […]

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I’m off for a week!

Just to let you know, I’ll be heading to the Swedish festival Peace & Love for a week. See you there!

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RSS Feed Reader for Google Chrome is doing great!

Today I noticed that my Google Chrome extension RSS Feed Reader has reached 100 ratings! And it still has a solid 4 and a half stars, which is really great. The growth of the extension has been entirely organic; I’ve done nothing to market it att all. And from the comments I’ve understood that most […]

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Space heroes has been nominated for Cannes Lion!

M&Ms Denmark and BBDO used the script for Kick Ass for one of their campaigns named Space heroes. The campaign has been nominated for best “Best Online Advertising in a Promotional Campaign” in the prestiges Cannes Lion, and I’m on the creative credits! Really exciting.

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