Hello world

Welcome to my blog! My name is Erik Rothoff Andersson and I’m guessing you already knew that seeing as you found this site.

In this blog I will write about my code, my projects and anything related to my life on the internet. It is not meant to be about my personal life (no guarantee about no personal posts though), but the main focus will be on code. I love code and I love transparency. If you ever have any questions be sure to write them in the comments.

See you around! (And thanks to my brother Johan Rothoff Andersson for the site design, and Anna Lindgren for the photos)

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4 responses to “Hello world”

  1. danielweltz says:

    Like :)
    It would be awesome with some achevements in the kickass webapp, is this at all possible?

  2. Erik says:

    Yes that is possible! That is on the drawing board for the next version.

  3. Hugely enjoy the Kick Ass app, especially for this depressing, trend of filling margins with ugly ads. However some of them do seem impervious to a good ass kicking, even when holding down B it seems their isn’t a, for want of a better word, target for them. Is this down to how these ads are coded or am I just being thick?

    Thanks for making the internet a more sane, less noisy place!

  4. LOLwut? says:

    lol, nice name for the post.

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