I’m off for a week

Just to let you know, I’ll be heading to the Swedish festival Peace & Love for a week. See you there!

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Fun with emergent behaviour (or a boids bookmarklet)

I’ve been working on Kick Ass 2 lately. I am in the process of adding enemies, which are inspired by the enemies in the iOS app. The key difference will be the amount of enemies per page but also their movement types. I was looking for something that would be suitable and came across a […]

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RSS Feed Reader for Google Chrome is doing great

Today I noticed that my Google Chrome extension RSS Feed Reader has reached 100 ratings! And it still has a solid 4 and a half stars, which is really great. The growth of the extension has been entirely organic; I’ve done nothing to market it att all. And from the comments I’ve understood that most […]

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Space heroes has been nominated for Cannes Lion

M&Ms Denmark and BBDO used the script for Kick Ass for one of their campaigns named Space heroes. The campaign has been nominated for best “Best Online Advertising in a Promotional Campaign” in the prestiges Cannes Lion, and I’m on the creative credits! Really exciting.

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Post mortem of Kick Ass for iOS

Kick Ass for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) has been out for a couple of weeks now. This post is intended to be an analysis of how the launch went, how the app has been doing and what steps are needed to improve it. I might break it into smaller pieces, but I want […]

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Hello world

Welcome to my blog! My name is Erik Rothoff Andersson and I’m guessing you already knew that seeing as you found this site. In this blog I will write about my code, my projects and anything related to my life on the internet. It is not meant to be about my personal life (no guarantee […]

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